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Full Moon Rituals

"I am such a 'Look at the moon!' person." Who else loves the moon and all its glorious phases?! The full moon is especially important to me and it's my favorite night of the month The energy is amplified and I can always feel it coursing through my veins. I love it.

Anyway, let's get back to the full moon rituals.

  • The night of the full moon is a perfect time to cleanse and charge your crystals, divination tools, altar tools, and water.

"How do I do that?"

Place your crystals, tools, and water on a flat surface under the moonlight. You may leave it out all night or leave it outside for at least 4 hours. That's it! This will offer a powerful cleanse and charge.

Don't forget to thank the moon.

If you're afraid of your crystals and tools getting wet (not all crystals can withstand wetness, see cleansing and charging crystals blog for more information), leave them on the windowsill or in a car by the windshield.

  • The full moon not only has the power to cleanse your crystals, tools, and water, but it can also cleanse you! Don't be afraid to go outside and soak up the moon's energy. You will thank yourself later!

  • While you are outside bathing in the moon, don't forget to meditate! Visualize and set your intentions.

  • Write a list of what you want to release. When you're done, burn this list and drop it into a bowl of water.

Wishing you a Happy Full Moon. Stay Wild.

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