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Amazonite Heart

Amazonite Heart


Amazonite, also known as the "Hope Stone", is perfect to carry in times of stress or to hold while meditating. Resonated with the heart and throat chakras.

Other Amazonite properties include:

✨ Emotional balance

✨ Spiritual healing

✨ Supports love and forgiveness

✨ Communicate peacefully to others

✨ Increases rationalism

✨ Helps let go of anger, jealousy and resentment

✨ Brings calming energy

✨ Gives confidence

✨ Eliminates personal fears

  • Hearts

    Heart crystals are associated with the heart chakra. They emit strong loving energy and produce a feeling of serenity. 

    ~ Heart crystals can be used for:

    • meditating with
    • activating the heart chakra
    • crystal grids
    • as a palm stone
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