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Aquamarine (Tumbled)

Aquamarine (Tumbled)

PriceFrom $3.50

Aquamarine is a beautiful protective stone. It's great to use during meditation and is perfect for sensitive souls. 💙

Other properties include:

✨ Shields the aura
✨ Invokes high states of consciousness
✨ Supports anyone overwhelmed
✨ Generates tolerance
✨ Helps one understand underlying emotional states
✨ Aids in communication
✨ Promotes serenity and relaxation
✨ Releases anxiety and depression
✨ Filters through mental information

📌 Each stone will be intuitively chosen for buyer
📌 The amount selected is the amount you will receive
📌 Due to the nature of the material, no two will be the same

  • Tumbled Stones

    ✨ Tumbled Stones: They come in various sizes but are smaller than a palm stone. They can be used for a variety of reasons, including for use in your crystal grids, spell work,  chakra realignment and jewelry pieces.

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