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Orange Calcite Heart

Orange Calcite Heart


🧡 These beautiful puffy hearts are great to hold during meditation or keep in any given area. They also make a wonderful gift! 🍊 Orange calcite is a high cleansing and energizing stone.


🧡 Properties include:

✨ Balances emotions

✨ Removes fear

✨ Aids in depression

✨ Maximizes potential

✨ Assists in creativity

✨ Increases motivation

✨ Calms the mind

✨ Boosts memory

✨ Stimulates insights

✨ Enhances natural gifts


📏 Size: ~ Each heart is approximately two inches in length and two inches in width.


📌 Note:

~ Price is for (1) heart

~ Heart chosen will be the one received

~ Due to the nature of the material, no two will be the same.

  • Hearts

    Heart crystals are associated with the heart chakra. They emit strong loving energy and produce a feeling of serenity. 

    ~ Heart crystals can be used for:

    • meditating with
    • activating the heart chakra
    • crystal grids
    • as a palm stone
  • Gift

    Is this a gift? Send us a message to let us know what you would like us to write to the receiver at no additional cost. 

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