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Pink Amethyst Heart

Pink Amethyst Heart


These beautiful feminine crystals are a gentle stone of emotional healing, love, and compassion. It instills feelings of calmness, understanding, and trust.

Properties of this gem include:

✨ Protects against negative vibrations

✨ Opens heart to love and tolerance

✨ Diminishes doubt

✨ Clarity of mind and thoughts

✨ Cleanses spiritual path

✨ Encourages you to express yourself

✨ Stimulates the heart, crown, and third eye chakras

✨ Helps deal with grief

✨ Restores peace and joy



3 ½ inches (Length)

4 ¼ inches (Wide)

½ inch (Depth)

📌 Note:

~ The heart purchased will be the exact one you will receive.

~ Due to the nature of the material, no two will be the same.

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