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Rose Quartz Tower

Rose Quartz Tower


Rose Quartz~
✨ Heals the heart and heart chakra
✨ Draws love toward you or supports an existing partnership
✨ Restores trust and harmony
✨ Soothes internalized pain
✨ Heals deprivation
✨ Teaches how to love oneself
✨ Encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance
✨ Invokes self-trust and self-worth
✨ Provides reassurance and calm
✨ Draws off negative energy and replaces it with loving vibes
✨ Strengthens empathy
✨ Enhances positive affirmations while in hand



Towers/points are used to send, focus, and direct energy.

~ Perfect for:

  • centerpiece for crystal grids
  • meditating with
  • raising the energy in the room by placing a tower/point in each corner of the room
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