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Goddess Body

Goddess Body


These beautiful goddess bodies are perfect for your altar, home, or any magickal space. They come in two different stones obsidian and rose quartz.


💗 Rose Quartz~

✨ Heals the heart

✨ Attracts love

✨ Supports existing partnership

✨ Restores trust and harmony

✨ Soothes internalized pain

✨ Encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance

✨ Invokes self-worth and self-trust

✨ Draws off negative energy

✨ Strengths empathy and sensitivity

✨ Enhances positive affirmations



🖤Obsidian is a strongly protective stone. It acts as a shield against negativity.

Other properties include:

✨ clearing confusion

✨ blocks negative spiritual influences

✨ repels curses

✨ forces growth

✨ provides deep soul healing


📏 Size:

~ Approx 3 inches in length


📌 Note:

✨ Hand carved

✨ Price is for (1) goddess body

✨ Stone purchased will be the stone received

✨ Due to the material, no two will be the same.

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