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Small Amethyst Cluster

Small Amethyst Cluster


💜 Amethyst ~ a powerful healing, cleansing, and protective stone.
✨ Promotes inner peace
✨ Enhances intuition
✨ Promotes the love of the Divine
✨ Attracts positive energy
✨ Neutralizes negative energy
✨ Alleviates stress, anxiety, and fear
✨ Encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom
✨ Helps dream recall
✨ Assists in visualization
✨ Guards against psychic attack and transmutes it into love
✨ Blocks geopathic stress
✨ Purifies the aura
✨ Helps one feel more focused
✨ Enhanced memory and improves motivation
✨ Balances emotions


~ Intuitively chosen for buyer

  • Clusters

    Clusters are like no other crystal. They have points directed in every direction allowing a powerful energy output.

    ~ Crystal clusters are used for:

    ✨ cleansing space

    ✨ absorbing negative energy and purifying it

    ✨ radiating the energy of your intention

    ✨ meditating with

    ✨ center of crystal grid

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